Precision Plasma Cutting

Calbody offers high precision cutting with consistent cut quality and fast speeds up to 1.5" thick using HyPerformance Plasma HPR260XD®.

AKS accu-kut Plasma Cutting System

Calbody has expanded our precision cutting capabilities with the addition of our 8' x 24' AKS accu-kut Plasma Cutting System. AKS accu-kut with Hypertherm SureCutā„¢ & True HoleĀ® Technologies enables us to offer high precision and dynamic positioning accuracy. Learn more

  • Calbody can offer superior, consistent cut quality
  • High precision and superior quality for fine-feature parts
  • Superior and precise hole quality
  • Fast cutting speeds for quick turnaround

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Accu-Kut Robocut XPR 300 cutting

Accu-Kut Robocut

Accu-Kut Robocut XPR300

Steel cut with precision plasma